Family & Friends

Cheesey Smile (2).jpg

On a boat in Croatia

I come from a small, loving and supportive family, many who live within a short driving distance. Most of my friends have children, so my child will be surrounded by a community of love. My friends are excited to have a newborn join our circle and be a part of all our holidays and celebrations. We all love getting together for dinners and weekend meals, and hardly a week goes by that we don’t get together at someone’s home. 

Me and Shira.jpg

Me and my college roomate

Me and my Friend doing a Tought Mudder 1

Mud obstacle course 

Oreo Cookie Party (1).png

Oreo Cookie Party with my neighbor's cute boys

Pizza Party with The Gang.jpeg
Pizza Party with Friends!
Paint Night.jpg

Paint Night

My Friend's Daughter and me on National

National Bubblegum Day with my

friend's daughter

Cousin Pic.jpg

Me and a few of my cousins