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Family & Friends

Cheesey Smile (2).jpg

On a boat in Croatia with my friend Sarah-we stayed on a boat for 2 days and saw some beautiful sites. We clearly had fun and love being silly sometimes, like making this cheesy smile :)

I come from a small, loving and supportive family, many who live within a short driving distance. Most of my friends have children, so my child will always be surrounded by a community of love and acceptance. My friends are excited to have a newborn join our circle and be a part of all our holidays and celebrations. We all love getting together for dinners and weekend meals, and hardly a week goes by that we don’t get together at someone’s home. 


Me and my dad who just moved to Tennessee. 

Me and my Friend doing a Tought Mudder 1

My friend Vivian and I did a mud obstacle course with a whole bunch of our friends.. We got reallyyyy dirty but it was soooo much fun!

My Friend's Daughter and me on National

National Bubblegum Day with my

friend's daughter. I think she is better at making bubbles than I am.

Unicorns are the best and so is my friend Abe

Unicorn viewing.jpg
Pie plate (viewing).jpg

On our roadtrip to the Great Lakes this summer, we stopped in Traverse Michigan to see the world's largest cherry pie plate. Who doesn't love a quirky roadside attraction?

BBQ 2022.jpg
NEcklace making.jpg

Necklace making night with my friend Sara. I love doing any kind of crafts especially when I can hang out with a friend at the same time

July 4th bbq with the gang. We had a few new additions this year which is great. The more the merrier.
Me and Shira.jpg

This is me and my college roommate. It's so amazing to have lifelong friends. 

Cousin Pic.jpg

My cousins and I are all members of the curly hair club.

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